Aroma Coffee

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Aroma Coffee

Creating a (hypothetical) fair trade coffee brand that will target a young and vibrant generation.

Type of project:
Personal project
Art direction
coffee bag and business card featuring the Aroma Coffee logo

The challenge

The task was to create a brand that would draw a young audience. Since the coffee market is a very saturated one, it was important for Aroma to have ‘something’ that would stand out.

But Aroma isn’t just another coffee bar, they also sell their own coffee in their store. They also aspire to sell it in larger retail stores sometime in the future.

- Branding
- Packaging design
- Posters
- Various brand assets
Aroma coffee business cards

This project was featured on Packaging of the world.


As I said before, the coffee market is a very saturated one. In order to create something more unique I started to look for a very cool font, since typography goes a long way. And coincidentally, the negative space from the letter ‘o’ had the perfect shape of a coffee bean. So by adding a swirl inside of that letter,
it created something unique and recognizable.

For the packaging design, I chose to create something that looks like it is Fair Trade (since it is). The golden color makes the whole thing feel balanced and not over the top. For the limited edition packaging, I used orange, this one is solely available in the Aroma stores, and not in retail. That’s why this packaging does not feature the informative label on the front.

coffee bag and packaging design featuring the Aroma Coffee logo


The outcome of this project is a coffee brand that would definitely reach its target audience. By using witty sentences on shopping bag tags and posters, combined with a cool font and a bright color. But most importantly, it doesn’t lose its feeling of fair trade and eco-consciousness. Because that’s an important factor for this business.

It would be really cool if there’s a startup or existing brand out there that would love for this to be their branding, or something similar. For those of you: reach out to me! This project was hypothetical (so far). If you’re interested, shoot me a message and we’ll see what we can do for each other!

poster designs with witty sentences
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