Chateau Lorraine

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Chateau Lorraine

Branding a (hypothetical) winery that is located in the south of The Netherlands.

Type of project:
Personal project
Art direction
a business card, letterhead, and a note designed for a winery

The challenge

Chateau Lorraine is a winery located in the very south of The Netherlands. At the moment they sell wine to people who come to visit the winery, but they want to transition into a different market.

They want their wine to be sold in restaurants. In order to achieve this, they need a fresh brand, but it has to pay respect to the long family history.

- Visual identity
- Packaging design
- Various brand assets
business cards flying around

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I had to find a way to combine the family history with a high-end feeling, to attract customers in restaurants. That’s why I chose to go for a typography-only approach. By using an all-caps serif font with nothing else but thin lines and color, I created something that is not often seen with these kind of projects.

For the labels and boxes, I again played with thin lines and typography. You’ll probably read the name, sort of wine and year first, which is the most important information. Furthermore, I used soft colors, that still match with the wine that’s inside of the bottles. Less is more is really applicable for this project.

two bottles of wine,  a red one, and a white one


Chateau Lorraine also had a wish for a special packaging. Not only do they produce and sell wine, they also want to sell special prosecco.
In order to make this bottle really stand out

from the ‘regular’ wine bottles, I chose to go for an all-black label and bottle, with shiny, embossed letters and lines. This gives it a very luxurious feeling and vibe.

all black label on a black bottle of proseccoall black label on a black prosecco bottle


Overall, Chateau Lorraine now looks like an established winery, with a long and rich history. Because there’s not a single photo or illustration involved, it will stand out between other bottles, in a good way. It really gives a little bit of a high-end vibe, without it feeling like it’s way too expensive (while that’s subjective.)

It would be really cool if there’s a startup or existing brand out there that would love for this to be their branding, or something similar. For those of you: reach out to me! This project was hypothetical (so far). If you’re interested, shoot me a message and we’ll see what we can do for each other!

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